Thursday, February 16, 2012

February Photo Challenge-Take 2

I know...I'm behind again! School is kicking my butt! Let me catch up...

Feb. 8 - Sun

Feb. 9 - Front Door

I hate my front door...need a new one...long story. Look at the dirt, ewww...I need to clean it and the trim. Next...

Feb. 10 - Self Portrait
I don't like the way the lighting is on my face and it's a little out of focus. It's not easy trying to take a picture of yourself!

Feb. 11- Makes You Happy
My "boys" playing and getting along...I am including my hubby It's not the best picture but I had to snap it while I had the chance.

Feb. 12 - Inside Your Closet
That's all you're gonna see in my closet because it is a mess and a little embarrassing!

Feb.13 - Blue

Feb. 14 - Heart

Feb. 15 - Phone

Feb. 16 - Something New

I know today is the 16th so I should be posting something new but it's not here yet...hopefully it will be here this afternoon!

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