Thursday, January 5, 2012

My Favorite Shots From 2011

Well some of my favorite shots from 2011 are gone. My external hard drive went out on me and I have sent it off to get fixed. I have downloaded some of my favorite shots from my personal Facebook account. Some of them are from before I learned how to shoot on manual, but they are still my favorite.

This one is from our family trip to Lake Lure. We ate at a restaurant on the lake and I stepped out to take a few shots. Out of all the pictures that I took, this one was my favorite.

This one makes me smile. I was honored when my friend, Kim, asked me to shoot her maternity pictures. You all have seen the beautiful baby that was born not long after this picture was taken...

Little Miss Harleigh! 

I also took some amazing football pictures this year. I loved a lot of them but here are a couple of favorites of my baby boy.

And of course, Harleigh....

And of course, my family...

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  1. Really great shots this year! Love the football photos!