Wednesday, December 14, 2011

'Tis the Season

The holidays have arrived!
I actually got the boys to help with putting up the tree this year. Every year they say they want to help decorate the tree and then as soon as I have it up on it's stand...they're gone! What's up with that? Couldn't miss this opportunity to capture some memories.

Ok so that's actually only one boy helping :)
My oldest kept turning away in all the pictures I took of him. He did take some others in front of the tree after the decorating. (Probably next blog post)
Are your favorite decorations handmade? Some of my favorite decorations are the ones that the kids have made in school over the years.

I hope I can keep them in good condition so that they may have them when they have their own Christmas trees...

Oh and one very last pic for the post....

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