Thursday, December 22, 2011

Ready for Christmas?

Are you ready for Christmas? I'm not! I barely did any shopping...2 gifts! Christmas is only 3 days away! Well, guess I better get out the door and go grab some gifts....
and then, she {snapped}


  1. I think I'm finished shopping, but I haven't started wrapping yet! I need to get busy. Your tree is so pretty!

  2. Well, I did wrap the 2 gifts that I did! Thank you! I didn't want to post a full picture of the tree because it is so short! I am the same height as the tree!

  3. Aaaah! I'm so behind too! I like the ribbon in your tree : )

  4. Ooooo- I love that ribbon. That cream & gold is beautiful

    Have a very Merry Christmas!