Friday, August 19, 2011

Blue Skies - Crazy Days of Summer Photo Challenge

This is my first time joining in on the Crazy Days of Summer Challenge hosted by Alicia at Project Alicia and Kristi at Live and Love Out Loud. I have been meaning to enter some pictures...but you know how busy us moms can be. Anyway, this week's challenge is Blue Skies.

These pictures are from our weekend getaway to the beach back in June.

I was a little nervous about getting on the Skyweel, but I did it!

I wish there had been clouds in the sky. I think it would have made these pictures absolutely perfect.

These were from inside the car of the Skywheel.

I saw this yesterday morning after dropping my son off at school. I've seen the moon in the morning before but never captured it. 

I love watching the clouds!
Project Alicia
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  1. Beautiful shades of blue. The skywheel looks fun!

  2. The skywheel looks scary and fun at the same time. I love the blue cloudless skies you captured!
    Thanks so much for joining Alicia and me again in the Crazy Days of Summer Photo Challenge. You won’t want to miss the giveaway extravaganza we have planned for next week’s Sweet Summer Finale. Photography and scrap booking goodies galore! Just share your favorite summer pics. That’s it!

  3. These are lovely! Such beautiful blues! I would not have gotten on the skywheel~I love all rides but that one type terrifies me!